Marvel strike force teams

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Marvel strike force teams

Marvel's Strike Force is the newest free-to-play mobile game featuring the comic giant's classic pantheon of characters. Similar to Avengers Alliance on Facebook a few years back, you assemble a team of heroes or villains and defeat an endless barrage of grunts and classic characters. If you're looking for some help and don't know what to do, allow us to give you a few beginner's tips to help you save the universe.

Ultimus has recently come to earth and taken control of some of Earth's mightiest heroes. Completing the main story as both heroes and villains, you'll unlock shards and items that allow you to buff your teammates. Early in the game, you'll find shards for characters like Spider-man, Elektra and Luke Cage. A team is at its most well-rounded when it has a healer, tank, brawler and DPS.

Spidey, Yondu, Gamora and Quake are the best characters, with recently released Wolverine not far behind. You'll unlock these guys just by playing, so don't rush to be the best.

Grunts of nameless S. D or Hydra agents are generally viewed as pretty bad, so try not to rely on them too much. You can earn player experience by upgrading your characters, completing Daily Missions and competing in events. You'll naturally progress and unlock more Campaign Energy and gold.

Your fighters' levels can be upgraded with Training Modules and gold. In the early game, you'll spend a lot of in-game currency upgrading their stats and power level. Always max out your characters before the start of a fight. Upgrade your character by fitting them out with all six item slots and you'll earn another star.

At tiers three and five, you'll unlock additional abilities. After winning a battle, you'll earn stars depending on how many members of your squad you kept alive. If you managed to keep the whole team in one piece by the end, you'll be able to replay the missions for Campaign Energy.

There, you'll be able to earn items to upgrade characters, gain shards and raise your level. Like every freemium game, Strike Force has a premium currency. Power Cores allow you to purchase Orbs, which contain Shards, gold and other cool stuff.

Hold off on spending any of your Cores until there's an in-game event that lets you get the most bang for your buck. Basic Orbs are noob traps, so be sure to avoid those.

Once you hit level 14, you'll unlock the Blitz mode. By completing challenges, you'll unlock Shards that can be used to earn unique characters. Blitz Charge, another in-game currency that refills over time, will allow you to fight other players' teams. It's worth it just for the rewards, but it's also nice to beat up Spider-man dozens of times. The better you do, the higher your score multiplier will get. It's worth playing this mode whenever you can.By superbren33January 4, in Mobile Gaming.

I decided to write up a quick post to show you guys my current Blitz strategy. Blitz Basics: If you already know how Blitz works, and you just want the meat and potatoes of my strategy and Blitz team rotations, you can skip past this section. Let me start off with the blitz basics just to get them out of the way. The main differences between Arena and Blitz are that Blitz is on a rotating 4-day and 1-day cycles.

There is a "Timer" on the main blitz screen that counts down how much time is remaining in the current blitz cycle. The rewards for Blitz change for each cycle. Each Blitz is titled based off the featured character rewards for that cycle.

You earn a small amount of rewards for each blitz battle that you win. And, larger rewards for each milestone tier that you achieve during the event cycle.

The milestones will give you a significant amount of Blitz credits and gold. The ranking is typically tiered and group together in percentages. There is a "Rewards" button on the blitz battle selection screen, where you can view the milestones and ranking tiers.

The down and dirty of Blitz is, score the most points as possible, to get to the highest rewards tier as possible, as quickly as possible. When you select a team and complete a blitz battle, each member of that team will now have a cooldown timer.

Top 5 best teams in Marvel Strike Force (March 2020)

This timer just means the time until you can play that team again for "free". The cost increases after 3 matches. The cost is 3x 25, 3x 50, 3x etc.

I never run battles that cost unless I have tons of charges left and am really pushing hard to maximize my score. You don't have to pay to play if you don't want to. You can run a team, then wait for the 2-hour refresh timer to expire, then you can run that team again for free. You start off in tier 1, which had a score multiplier of 1. The score multiplier gradually increases each tier until you get to tier 8 which has a score multiplier of 4.

'Marvel Strike Force' Beginner's Guide: Characters, Best Team Makeup and More

The more you play and win, the higher you score will be at the end of the event. Fighting in blitz is just like fighting in any other mode. Choosing a proper opponent is very important to your success. If you choose an opponent that has a better synergy than your team does, you will most likely lose that battle. There will usually be a stand out choice of a team with the least amount of synergy, I.

I start with the bottom of my roster and work my way up the ladder. The reason I start from the bottom and not the top is because using the lowest point teams early in the lower tiers with the lowest score multipliers, will allow my highest power teams to run in the higher tiers and will take advantage of the higher multipliers even more.

Top 10 Teams December 2019

So, I try getting to at least tier 4, 5, or even 6 before I even run my high teams. This strategy is also very dependent on how deep your roster is, and how many teams you must run. Right now, I have 13 squads that I have in regular rotation for every blitz.

And I probably have at least 1, maybe 2 more that I want to add in somewhere. So, there are 4 nodes per tier. I group my teams in a way that they also increase in power in groups of 4.I often get asked which teams are working best and there are a lot of different options, esepcially with new characters being released frequently.

The only problem is that you need 2 rounds until the Detonation is available. Now, the best way to make this strategy work is using two tanks along with Crossbones that you use the Taunt ability to keep Crossbones alive until he can use the Detonation! You can use Drax, Luke Cage or Captain America for this, depending on which ones you have unlocked so far. Most of the times you will see also Crossbones in the enemy team, so you round up your team with two great damage dealers like Gamorra, Electra, Wolverine etc.

marvel strike force teams

The secret sauce to make this happen in Alliance Raids in Strike Force, you need to tailor a team around a great tank plus healer and combine it with characters that can dispell and deal damage.

With this team, you can keep the damage low enough for your team, tank as often as possible and then use the healing to stay on top. Captain America is a great choice as he is tanking, has extremely high hitpoints and will also defensively buff 3 other characters in your team that will suffer a lot less damage.

The best healer in the game is Night Nurse and she should be your healer of choice for Alliance Raids. Round this up with characters you have, however, I recommend you to use Yondu due to the minions he can summon, Quake for the great dispell on all enemies and Hawkeye to blind the most powerful enemy damage dealer.

My strategy is running Crossbones myself with a tank to slow down enemy attempts supported by Quake — so you will be ahead at least 1 round and can use Crossbones detonation earlier than your opponent and win the match.

Start off with Quake on the center of the team to slow them down and use Yondu to remove any taunt to take down the most dangerous enemy characters in priority one by one.

The final kill be using Crossbones detonation and at that point your enemy should only have 3 characters on the field with low health and you can run the show. Only taking your strongest characters for defense is not the best way to do it — as you do not play the defenses yourself, you have to rely on the AI and the AI is not as good as you can play. Meanwhile, Rocket and Gamora will deal massive damage as they are not prioritized during the early part of the match and they synergize perfectly with each other.

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Search Search for: Search.Welcome to Alliance War! The objective: Outscore your opponents during a hour battle by eliminating opposing forces and destroying Helicarrier rooms while simultaneously defending your own Helicarrier. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts: piles of Gold, War Credits, and access to exclusive character shards. Winning a War is not easy. It requires coordination and strategy. What follows is a complete rundown of Alliance War, along with tips, best practices, and other vital information-everything you need to be successful in Alliance War.

Alliance War is finally upon us, Commander. Flex your entire roster and battle for loot and fame against other Alliances during these hour battles. Score more points than the enemy Alliance by successfully attacking their defenses while securing your own defenses.

Join an active Alliance to get the most out of Alliance War! Make sure you set your defenses and arrange your rooms before War begins. During peacetime, tap on your Helicarrier in the Alliance War screen to set your Helicarrier defenses.

When War begins and your Alliance is matched with an enemy Helicarrier, the timer will begin the hour countdown. War ends when the countdown hits 0; the Alliance with the most points wins. Peacetime is the period between a War ending to 30 minutes before the next War starts. This minute timeframe is used for Alliance matchmaking. Use peace time before War to optimize your defenses.

Prevent the enemy alliance from scoring points with a strong defense. Each Alliance member defends one of two slots in a room. Green health status bars indicate that the slot has already been claimed by a fellow Alliance Member. You are responsible for up to 8 defense squads in your chosen room. Set defense squads in the order you want them attacked and consider that attackers can only see two defense squads at a time.

Default S. Guards automatically fill unassigned defense squad slots. Replace the default S.

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Guards with your own roster characters by selecting a slot. Tap the S. Guard you want to remove from your defense Squad. Characters placed on defense cannot be used to attack during War. Once you set your defense, you will not have to set them up again unless you move to a different room. Defense teams will carry over from War to War. Plan your defenses around the various bonuses each room provides: some characters will benefit more than others.

For example, Support and Protector characters benefit from the Medbay. Keep in mind that characters on defense cannot attack enemy Helicarriers; winning War involves finding the perfect balance of offense and defense. Wipe out enemy defenses with your elite forces to earn points during War. Additional Energy can be purchased in the Blitz Store for a maximum of 4 additional attacks.While I try not to be biased, my experience in Marvel Strike Force may differ from yours.

Without further ado…. Defending the city streets at 10, the Defenders. The Defenders are one of the old school teams in Marvel Strike Force.

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There was once a time where you constantly had to fight Defenders in Arena or Blitz. Thankfully that is no longer the case as I was sick and tired of Daredevil taking my lunch money.

Best teams in Marvel Strike Force: How to assemble a great team

Today, the Defenders are one of three top choices for new players to level up. They are available early and and are all farm-able in the game.

marvel strike force teams

The Defenders paired with Ms. Marvel or Punisher are a solid pick for any new player. Aiming at being 9, the A. It used to frustrate me getting shards for A. Luckily, they have since been reworked and are a capable team today that does well in places like Raids and War. While there are several options when forming your A. SecurityGravitonand Scientist Supreme in the mix.

marvel strike force teams

Coming out of nowhere at 8, the Marauders. The Marauders just recently hit the scene in Marvel Strike Force, and look very good. Led by Mister Sinisterthey are unique indeed as you can copy any character from the opposing team and essentially have 6 characters on your side.

This works extremely well when copying someone like Phoenix or Ultron. They run well in Arena and Blitz. There are many options for the fifth character to use with this team. The jury is still out on who works best with them. Cruising in at 7, the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians are one of three teams new players should work on leveling up.By OhEmGee.

Big thanks to OhEmGee for the information in the video above. Nick Fury seems to be the most well-rounded team and character. Useful on defense and offensive in the Arena, Blitz, and outright godlike in the Raids. Pretty much the best team in the entire game. Fury is hard to unlock because he requires five 5-star Kree Minions. But since the Kree Minion rework it makes it a bit easier. By himself, Fury is a high tier character having a self-heal and being able to chain his basic.

marvel strike force teams

And his Passive is one of the best in the game. Like Nick Fury, Magneto can be a bit to get due to the requirements. But he is one of the better characters in the game, especially when paired with the Brotherhood characters. Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro, and Juggernaut. It's one of the best teams in the game and they're amazing at Blitz and Arena. This one is a bit of cheating because it's Iron Fist but mostly the Defenders as a whole.

They are very easy to get early on and they're a benchmark team. You're gonna run into them a lot in the game and you don't wanna go against the Defenders because you won't outpunch their high power. When all together you have a good team comp with the four. Between Daredevil and Jessica's damage, Iron Fists heals, and Luke's taunts you're looking at a well-rounded bunch.

Ronin and the Kree characters are very good in the Raids and Blitz. Ronin is what fuels the whole team and his skills are extremely helpful. Kree involves Minn-Erva or any of the Kree Minions.By now, we all probably know Marvel contributed a lot to the entertainment industry.

What started as a comic book publishing company in has become a worldwide sensation, thanks to its editors Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Then, after many years, the phenomena only got bigger when American film producer Kevin Feige decided to bring Marvel superheroes to the big screen.

Not only that. He also made sure that all the superheroes will exist in one shared film universe, forming what we now know as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But today, it seems that Marvel is aiming towards another economic sector — video games.

Most of us might be familiar with some games featuring Marvel's iconic heroes. Although those titles have been around even before, it seems that they are gearing towards releasing more games. With the rise of mobile gaming through Android and iOS devices, Marvel seems to be riding the wave.

You might already know something about this since you are here on our page. But first, we'll answer the "what's that? And yes, you've guessed it. The game features Marvel superheroes as playable characters. A team in Marvel Strike Force can hold up to five members, and making random choices may cost you battles.

Each member should have a specific task. And on this page, we listed some of the best teams to help you survive even the most excruciating battles.

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If you have any other suggestions, comment below. Good luck! This team can cause a lot of headache for opponents -- Captain America and Hulk's taunt and defense abilities, Black Widow's stealth and Rocket, Quake and Hulk all have the ability for multi-target attacks.

Drax is at the frontline starting a taunt.

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Yondu, Quake, and Rocket will start hammering your characters before you could get to them. Crossbones can do that as well. Drax can't be taken out of the way easily. Speedy characters mean you can attack first in many cases. Elektra and Wolverine have single-target attacks, Spidey has an automatic stun up his sleeve, and Thanos can taunt and bring a whole party attack.

The healer helps in the longevity of the fight. Lists What are the best Marvel Strike Force teams? Join Now.

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