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Impact of India’s 9-minute coronavirus lights-out campaign – A Data Analysis

Partner Network. The Nisqually River Foundation is tasked with the successful implementation of a watershed stewardship plan.

As a part of this plan, they assist the Nisqually Indian Tribe in Washington State to measure and monitor the fish species present in the Nisqually River.

To do this, the Nisqually Indian Tribe installed a video camera and infrared sensors in a fish ladder at a dam on the river. The camera is triggered to capture 30 seconds of video when any fish swims past the infrared sensors. Throughout the year, more than 3, videos are generated by the counter camera. As part of their original process, a trained biologist needed to view each video to manually identify and record the species of each fish.

This manual process of fish species identification in captured videos is resource intensive, from a time, human resources, and cost perspective.

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Gramener, in conjunction with the Microsoft AI for Earth program, worked with the Nisqually River Foundation to attempt to automate the detection and identification of fish species from the video clips.

The Nisqually salmon detection application was built as a web app to automate the process of video feed input, detection, and classification. The automated AI solution leverages the latest deep learning algorithms implemented using the Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services platform stack.

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According to Kesari, the process begins with the video feeds being processed to extract the relevant frames. Deep learning models are then trained to detect the fish by drawing bounding boxes and accurately identifying the species within the video frames. Given the nature of the problem and the format of the video files, processing power was a key requirement for the training and validation phases.

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The first challenge was to process the videos and tag the fish, Kesari said. This model was then tested against more frames extracted from the videos.

While this solution was good, it lacked speed and real-time video detection capabilities. As an enhancement to the solution, Gramener moved to video object detection using YOLO V3, which provides a faster solution with real-time capabilities. The web-based AI solution is expected to save the Nisqually Indian Tribe and the Nisqually River Foundation valuable hours of expert biologist time and the infrastructure costs for manually viewing videos. In addition, Kesari said that an enhanced version of the solution has just been rolled out to the Nisqually Indian Tribe.

Rescale and Azure donate supercomputing resources to help researchers. Building a unified data platform to enhance the customer experience. Delivering turnkey security and compliance on Azure for healthcare. Skip to Main Content.Reading Time: 4 mins Elections are a massive affair for both media houses and citizens of a country. The excitement doubles on the election counting day as the audience are glued to their television screens to get minute-by-minute updates. Reading Time: 3 mins Artists have long worked on breaking down the creative process into a series of parameters and steps that can be followed by a human being or a machine.

Instead of producing a single result, crafting …. Reading Time: 6 mins At Gramener, we have a team of data storytellers, information designers, analysts, and engineers. They all team up during the elections to decode election data and explore unconventional ways to visualize election data.

Reading Time: 7 mins Excerpt: This blog focuses on 3 major techniques for easy data consumption. Transforming complex data into impeccable visualizations, easy narratives, and memorable stories can enable rapid decision making among the users. The techniques were broadly …. Reading Time: 6 mins In this episode of the data storytelling hackathon, the participants played with data related to films and awards across the globe.

The blog shows multiple movie data visualizations and data stories produced during the hackathon. Skip to content Visualisations.Data holds tremendous value. But organizations struggle to unlock value from their data assets. It is difficult to institutionalize data-driven decision making.

Where does one get started and what are the best practices? What does a data-driven organization look like? This workshop provides you with the answers. Learn how to bridge the gap between data and decision-making. You will learn ways to monetize your data assets. With industry examples, it will demonstrate how organizations can achieve business transformation using data science. This module will show you how to pick projects that deliver business benefits. With industry examples, you will learn a simple step-by-step approach to build your roadmap.

This module will show the 5 core roles that every data science team must hire. You will get a preview of the emerging skills in data science and how you can plan for them. This module will introduce you to a standardized methodology to think with data and choose the most relevant technique. It will show when simple statistics can be more effective than AI.

This module, with vivid industry examples, will demonstrate the relevance of stories in an enterprise context. You will learn the building blocks of data stories and how to become a master at creating them. This module will show why organizations struggle at change management. It will lay out a framework to help you move towards data-driven decision making and train you to nurture a culture of data.

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Better business outcomes: Revenue growth, optimized cost and productivity benefits from your data assets Business decisions across the organization driven by the data Framework to quantify ROI for your Data Science investments. At Gramener, we regularly share knowledge on how organizations can scale up in data maturity. Complete Data Science team requires more than just Data Scientists.

This page lists public case studies. Authorized users can log in to see more. Data Science Advisory. Data-driven Leadership Set your organization on the path to competitive differentiation with data Data holds tremendous value. How to scale up in data maturity by charting your roadmap 2. The skills and roles needed on your data science teams 3. How to apply insights as stories to drive business outcomes 4.

The building blocks to enable a data-driven culture. Book a Consultation.We love comics. But for some of us, even drawing a straight line is a Herculean task. But why should that stop us from creating comics? So, here's a gift to ourselves and the world — a comics creator.

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Solutions Offerings Gramex Data-driven Leadership. Story News Careers.

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Request Demo. Storytelling with data made easy Request Demo. ComicGen We love comics. Cluster Our business intelligence and data analytics software bakes in these features. Once built, you can deploy the application on a single server or a cluster — either on the cloud or in your data center. Data explorer Easily analyze complex data on sales growth, attrition levels, monetary transactions and performance reports with our data explorer.

Read data from any source, create new data columns on-the-fly, define metrics for evaluation, and present visually.

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Narratives Depict business reports on topics like wealth, healthcare records and loyalty points visually in simple English. Cuts down efforts required to manually annotate reports. Find out the product that suits best to your needs. Data-driven Leadership.

Story of Gramener. ISO Certification. This page lists public case studies. Authorized users can log in to see more. Gramener uses cookies to enhance your experience, to display customized content in accordance with your browser settings, and to help us better understand how you use our website.

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By continuing to browse or clicking on allow, you indicate your agreement. To learn more about the cookies we use see our Cookies Policy.The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. By signing in, you agree to our Terms of Service. Forgot your username or password? Create a new account. Counting and identifying characteristics of crowds can provide organizations with a lot of valuable insights.

Yet challenges like image distortion, density, and different camera angles can make analyzing images accurately very challenging. Ganes Kesari, Co-founder and Head of Analytics at Gramener, joins the Intel on AI podcast to discuss how Gramener has created a crowd counting solution that can overcome those challenges and produce a very rapid and accurate analysis of images.

Ganes explains how their solution used convolutional neural networks CNNs using density-based estimations to deliver a more accurate penguin count than traditional manual counting methods. In addition to AI for good projects, Ganes also outlines how this same solution can also be utilized for other enterprise opportunities like drug discovery and how Gramener will continue to collaborate with Intel to provide better optimizations and performance for its customers.

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Your username is missing. Your password is missing. Sign In Remember me. Social Hub. About this Podcast.Thousands of data and analytics leaders will gather in Orlando, Florida to kick-start the largest Gartner Data Analytics Summit worldwide. Gramener is a happy sponsor and exhibitor at the event this year. We are excited to bring our thought leadership in AI application building across various industries to you. Meet us at the booth: at the Orlando World Center Marriott to know how Gramener is helping organizations worldwide achieve data-driven growth.

Our team will gladly address all your questions on Data and Analytics. Who knows, you might discover a new way to bring People, Platform, and Process together and create value for your potential clients. If you would like the opportunity to discuss with us your greatest data and analytics challenges, feel free to request a meeting by emailing us at contact gramener.

Feel free to use our Priority code for registration to avail discount. The code is DASP80 and is also mentioned in the banner below. Your email address will not be published.

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Skip to content Reading Time: 2 mins 18 — 21 March will be a feast for the Data Science leaders who are participating in the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit Why Meet Us? About The Author. Gramener Inc Gramener Inc is a data analytics and storytelling company that extracts insights from big data using state-of-the-art technology and shares them as stories for easy consumption.

Gramener helps business users accelerate decision making. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Share via. Copy Link. Powered by Social Snap. Copy link. Copy Copied.You can use to ask sophisticated questions about the genes across all of our databases concerning crop and model plant genomes:. Gramene is a curatedopen-sourceintegrated data resource for comparative functional genomics in crops and model plant species.

Browse genomes with annotations, variation and comparative tools. Browse and analyze metabolic and regulatory pathways. A global centralised collection of publicly accessible track hubs. Type to search! Try typing a gene identifier, ontology term, pathway, or functional domain.

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Features Suggestions Suggested terms are provided as you type:. Visualization See the distribution of results across all genomes:. Gene view Concise view of available information about a gene:. For Example You can use to ask sophisticated questions about the genes across all of our databases concerning crop and model plant genomes: What are the homologs of Arabidopsis thaliana's PAD4 gene in the Oryzeae?

What cytosolic genes in A.

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Gramene Portals. Genome Browser Browse genomes with annotations, variation and comparative tools. Plant Reactome Browse and analyze metabolic and regulatory pathways.

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Tools Tools for processing both our data and yours. Gramene Mart An advanced query interface powered by BioMart. Track Hub Registry A global centralised collection of publicly accessible track hubs. Outreach and Training Educational resources and webinars. Bulk Downloads FTP download of our data. Archive Legacy tools and data markers, Cyc pathways, etc.

Latest News. Loading… Gramene Search is initializing.


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